Revolutionary design, maximum safety, limitless comfort – innovation without compromise based on the NEXSD One.

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Video tour in Kiwi Madeira

The NEXSD One sets new standards with its ultra-light body and establishes a new vehicle class: the opti-integrated motorhome. The innovative caravan combines the advantages of a panel van with those of a semi-integrated motorhome, making it the unique, optimum version of a caravan under 3.5 tons.

Get yourself a drink and enjoy our detailed tour of the caravan.

The Kiwi Madeira

The only motorhome you need and the only one in its class.

from € 245,000.00

5G router

WLAN Everywhere


8KwH battery

Space saver

Lots of storage space

The most innovative camper on the market

Features we are particularly proud of

Extremely lightweight construction, fully integrated motorhome space in compact van format. With many high-quality features that we present to you below. With the KIWI Madeira, every journey becomes an incomparable adventure.

Everything included. Anything is possible.

Functional rear garage with maximum payload

The extendable heavy-duty garage with a load capacity of 150 kg offers space for up to 4 bicycles and allows e-bikes to be charged using the integrated charging device. An extra through-loading area for long sports equipment such as skis and surfboards and a 110-liter fresh water tank with Alp water filter can also be found in the rear.

With the pull-out mounted on rails, you can conveniently access your load or load and unload bicycles with ease.

For optimum weight distribution, the battery block is embedded in the ground directly above the rear axle.

The large insect screen covers the entire rear side and protects against annoying insects.

To access your rear garage without opening the tailgate, use the hinged quick access at the rear.

Your home on 4 WHEELS

Variable seating area and storage space just like at home

The quickly converted seating area in the Madeira meets individual needs with various adjustment options. From a cozy L-shaped seating area to a face-to-face seating area – everything is possible. With Isofix mounts for child seats and a spacious sleeping area for the night.

The L formation allows you to make perfect use of the space in the Madeira.

Convivial face-to-face conversations with the Face 2 Face formation.

The seating area can be converted into a huge double bed in just a few simple steps.

The seating area can be converted in a matter of seconds: from L-formation to face-to-face or double bed.

Is that already luxury?

Incomparable wet room

The wet room in the KIWI Madeira sets new standards. With a swivel-mounted, waterless toilet from Clesana, it offers independence from the water supply and supply stations. All it takes is a flick of the wrist to swivel the toilet under the washbasin and create a spacious shower. High-quality fittings round off the overall concept.

Thanks to the waterless system and no chemicals at all, you are independent of cleaning and disposal stations.

With the swivel function, the toilet disappears into the wall in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the swivel function, the result is a spacious shower cubicle with a standing height of over 2 meters.

Safe showering thanks to waterproof, durable material in the wet room.

Need to Work? No problem

Mobile workplace

Work on the move with the perfectly integrated workstation in the Madeira. The fold-out desk and the swivel passenger seat as a desk chair offer optimum comfort. Sockets including USB charging plugs provide power for laptops etc. In just a few simple steps, you can transform your Madeira into an exceptional workstation. Now open the door and enjoy your working day with a view of the sea or the mountains.

It only takes a few simple steps to create a large workstation with all the necessary connections.

Choose between a 5G router or a Starlink so that you are always connected. No matter where it goes.

Sockets and USB-C chargers at the workplace, as well as a further 7 easily accessible Schuko sockets and 3 USB charging points in the vehicle.

So that you always have your tools and equipment to hand and can store them safely.

Is that still camping?

Smart bed with lifting function

The pull-down bed in the Madeira serves as a cozy retreat during the day and transforms into a comfortable lengthways sleeper bed with a sleeping area of 140x200cm in the evening. Disc springs and a high-quality mattress guarantee restful sleep. Steps with drawers provide easy access and additional storage space. The bed can also be extended to 2.10 meters in just a few simple steps.

Lower the bed and use it as a cozy sofa with a view of the lake.

The lifting function enables maximum storage space in the rear garage, convenient operation and shines with its robust design.

Thanks to its length of over 2 meters, you can sleep lengthways without any problems. Restful nights are guaranteed.

Thanks to disc springs and a high-quality mattress, sleeping in the Madeira is like sleeping on clouds.

Innovative technology

Smarthome, underfloor heating, intelligent lighting system & more

The solar system on the roof and the 8 kWh lithium battery enable maximum self-sufficiency. The 5G router in the closet ensures optimum networking, while the gas-free system, high-quality induction hob and underfloor heating guarantee comfort in all seasons. The entire technology can be conveniently controlled via our app.

Thanks to the huge lithium battery and the 525W solar roof, you can enjoy full self-sufficiency.

Convenient cooking on the induction hob and without gas testing. The Madeira runs completely gas-free.

Our innovative system can be easily controlled remotely by cell phone and operated by tablet.

Emergency operation and push-buttons guarantee maximum reliability without failure of the on-board electronics.

Details for the eye

High-quality refined interior

The cockpit of your Madeira can be given a high-quality finish on request. Entirely according to your personal ideas and without any compromises. With us, you have a free choice in terms of color and material. With luxurious genuine leather, our experienced saddlers can turn all your wishes and requirements into reality. Experience maximum comfort and stylish design when you opt for the individual leather finish for your KIWI Madeira.

We only use UV-resistant material that meets the highest automotive standards.

Individually adapted to your needs, we leave nothing to be desired.

Not only does it look good, it can also take a beating: Tailored to your requirements (e.g. dog)

Always a pleasure. Whether for long journeys or long working days in the mobile office.

Much more - no compromises

Other useful features for your trip

Sun protection

High-quality awning

At the touch of a button, the stylish protection from sun and rain unfolds to turn your outdoor area into a comfortable retreat. The innovative technology ensures effortless operation and gives you shade in no time at all.

Tempered interior

Roof air conditioner

Hot days become pleasant moments – the roof air conditioning system of the KIWI Madeira ensures that you always keep a cool head. Discreetly integrated, this advanced system offers individually adjustable temperatures for your interior.

Clean water everywhere

Alb water filter

The reliable water filter has been specially developed to ensure the highest water quality. Whether you are camping in remote areas or just out and about – the Alp water filter ensures that you always enjoy fresh, clean drinking water.

Joinery quality

High-quality furniture

Every detail has been created with love and precision to create a unique interior that reflects your personal style. Our high-quality carpentry furniture is custom-made and offers not only functionality but also timeless elegance.

Real wood herringbone parquet

Wood floor

The warm and elegant character of the wood creates an inviting atmosphere that makes your mobile adventure in the KIWI Madeira a unique pleasure. Enjoy the electric floor heating and the scent of high-quality wood with every step you take in your home on wheels.

Lightweight construction concept

Lots of payload & space

Thanks to its advanced lightweight construction concept, the Madeira is a real space miracle with a large payload. Enjoy the freedom of being able to take everything you need to make your adventure unforgettable – from sports equipment to a change of clothes.

Intelligent service flaps

With outdoor shower

The central locking service flap of the KIWI Madeira is not only adapted to the contours of the body, but is also a masterpiece of functionality. With a pull-out shower head and hot water option, it ensures comfort at the highest level.

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Gas-free cooking

High quality kitchen

Equipped with a high-quality induction hob and state-of-the-art technology, every meal becomes a culinary experience, while the spacious fridge also offers plenty of space for your weekly shopping on the go.

Access made easy

Stowage flaps

Practical storage space for everything you need on the go. Whether it’s a cable drum, shoes or tools – with these cleverly positioned storage flaps, you’ll have everything ready to hand and organized in no time at all. A well thought-out detail that makes the KIWI Madeira your perfect traveling companion.

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Madeira - according to your wishes

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Basispreis ab:

245.000 €

Gesamtsumme: 245.000,00 €
What you can expect

Technical data

Our sophisticated Kiwi Madeira is based on the NEXSD One from NEXSD Automotive Innovations

from € 245,000
Length (approx.) 690
Width (approx. specification) 204
Height (approx.) 298
Wheelbase (approx. specification) 449
Internal height (approx.) 200
Heating Truma Combi D 4 E
Underfloor heating 350 W
Boiler capacity 10 l
Fresh water tank 110 l
Waste water tank 110 l
Battery 300 – 600 Ah LiFePo4
Charger 120 A
230 V sockets 6
USB charging point 8 (optional with 100W PD)
Compressor refrigerator (capacity / freezer) 69 / 7,5 l
Roof air conditioner (optional) 2200W with heating function, can be used via battery
Solar panel up to 525W
Connection ext. Solar (optional) 120 – 600W
Seats / three-point seat belts up to 4/4
Isofix connection up to 2
Sleeping places up to 4
Double bed above (fold-down bed)
Can be used as a couch during the day
approx. 200 x 140 cm
approx. 165 x 140 cm
Double bed downstairs (optional) approx. 175 x 110 cm

Videos of our Kiwi Madeira at the CMT trade fair in Stuttgart 2024