Exclusivity meets functionality


Our Senja concept conversion combines design and innovation to create a perfect camper van for up to 4 people. A project characterized by attention to detail. Here, aesthetic design and innovative technology merge into a harmonious overall concept.

Customization from 140.000€ (without base vehicle)

Lightweight construction

500 KG payload


Li-lion battery

4 persons


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Exclusive & comfortable

Concept expansion SENJA

Our first Kiwi Van embodies the perfect camper for four people. Born out of a vacation dream, it combines sophisticated design with innovative materials to create a unique driving experience. The completely redesigned Senja optimizes the sleeping and cooking areas, making it the perfect companion for long journeys.

Lightweight is not just a thought, but a core principle. Lisocore and Paulownia wood-based panels make the camper robust and surprisingly light at the same time. The adjustable seating group in the second row offers maximum comfort during the journey, while the bed can be extended to over 190 cm in length in a single movement.

The focus is on the intelligent use of space with custom-made storage options that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Quality is not just a promise, but a craft – from high-quality surfaces to sustainable cork insulation.

Senja goes beyond the standard by combining self-sufficiency with over 4 kWh of lithium batteries and a clever heating system. The smart technology enables convenient control while on the move. Safety features such as self-locking furniture locks ensure peace of mind and comfort in the vehicle during the journey.

Design meets innovation

The highlights

Unique & robust

Real oak table

In the seating area of the KIWI Senja, a robust and high-quality table made of real oak adorns the room. This table not only impresses with its aesthetics, but also with its sophisticated functionality. The table can be easily extended in just a few simple steps to give you even more flexibility and comfort in your camper van.

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Unique ambience

Variable lighting system

In the Senja, you can expect a variable lighting concept that is a real eye-catcher not only in the footwell but also on the ceiling. The entire lighting system can be conveniently controlled via a control unit and our innovative KIWI Connect app. This allows you to flexibly adjust the lighting to your mood and needs.

Feel good at home

Underfloor heating

The KIWI Senja has individually controllable underfloor heating that creates a cozy atmosphere and keeps your feet warm – even after a long day on the slopes. This well thought-out integration of comfort and functionality is another example of the attention to detail in the KIWI Senja. No matter where your adventures take you, you can be sure that your KIWI Senja will always offer you a cozy and comfortable retreat.

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Spacious and organized

Eat-in kitchen

The high-quality eat-in kitchen in the KIWI Senja is the centerpiece for culinary delights. With a self-sufficient gas and induction hob, it offers maximum flexibility, even for more elaborate dishes. A pull-out with waste separation system, a high-quality and spacious sink, large work surfaces, real wood drawers: the kitchen in the Senja invites you to cook together.

Good coffee, even on the go

Portafilter coffee machine

With the portafilter coffee machine in the KIWI Senja, real coffee connoisseurs will acquire a taste for coffee. The coffee machine can be operated independently via the battery system. This means you can enjoy perfectly brewed coffee on the go.

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Plenty of sleeping space

Intelligent sleep system

The sleeping arrangement in the KIWI Senja cleverly combines functionality with ultimate comfort. Thanks to ingenious modifications to the bodywork, the lower bed offers a transverse double bed over 190 cm long without compromising on safety: stiffeners developed by our vehicle experts provide the necessary stability at a low weight. A simple hand movement is all it takes and the upper double bed can also be extended to an impressive length of 190 cm. Senja offers maximum sleeping comfort for up to 4 people.

Smart and innovative, like the whole vehicle

The convinced

Hard to see, easy to find

Gas, water and electricity

Our 3D-printed service flaps enable an individual and unobtrusive design that blends in perfectly with the exterior bodywork. The closed design of the service flap and outer body has a particularly aerodynamic effect, which sets it apart from other commercially available products. They can also be locked with the factory-fitted central locking system.

Product details


Safety factor gas cylinder storage:
Hermetically sealed to the interior and
only accessible from the outside.

Product details


Lockable access to fresh water and integrated outdoor shower (hot/cold) with pull-out shower hose for maximum comfort.

Product details


Connection options:

Shore power
Gas (for winter camping)
Solar case (additional energy for days with little sunshine).

Saving weight through lightness

Innovative lightweight construction

All our furniture is made from lisocore®. Compared to conventional materials, this makes it possible to reduce the weight of the extension by more than half.

lisocore® is a material-efficient high-performance material. This modern material achieves its outstanding properties thanks to its unique structure. This consists of at least two thin cover layers that are joined together by a three-dimensionally shaped core structure.

Optimized aerodynamics

Roof racks & photovoltaics

The roof rack is equipped with two 240 W solar panels as standard. The carrier can be extended and customized as required. For example, a roof box with integrated solar panel, a small roof terrace with ladder or a bicycle stand. The construction is aerodynamically designed according to your personal application requirements so that a perfect riding experience is maintained.

What you can expect

Technical data

Our sophisticated KIWI Senja is built on the basis of a VW Crafter. The technical configuration of the base vehicle is freely selectable.

Length (approx.) 598,6
Width (approx. specification) 204
Height (approx.) 245,5
Wheelbase (approx. specification) 364
Internal height (approx.) 190
permissible. Total weight (series) 3500
Mass in mov. Condition (approx.) 3000
Payload with 20 ltr. Fairway (approx.) 500
Heating Trum Combie D 6 E
Underfloor heating 300 W
Boiler content 10 l
Fresh water tank 80 l
Waste water tank 100 l
Gas cylinder box 5 kg
Charger 70 A
Li-ion battery 2 x 12V/180 Ah
230 V sockets 6
USB/ USB-C charging point 8
Gas connection input Integrated in service flap
Gas connection 1
Gas socket 1
Refrigerator (contents / freezer) 69 / 7,5 l
Absorber / Compressor Compressor
Solar panel 2 x 240 W
Connection for solar case 140W
Seats / three-point seat belts 4/4
Sleeping places 4
Double bed downstairs approx. 190 x 135 cm
Double bed top approx. 190 x 140 cm
Isofix connection 2

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