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Customized campers, perfectly adapted to your needs. We make (almost) everything possible for our customers: from a mountain bike garage in the trunk to a fully self-sufficient luxury van for business trips.


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Individual expansion

What is possible?

In our manufactory we realize (almost) everything you can imagine. We combine outstanding engineering skills with creative ideas and precise carpentry. Despite the use of wood to create a homely ambience in the interior, all our campers are optimized for lightweight construction.

From innovative, space-saving sleeping constructions and bodywork adaptations to highly comfortable interior fittings – at KIWI we leave nothing to chance. Our ideas are groundbreaking, the quality is on a par with the German automotive industry, and the look is reminiscent of a 5-star hotel on wheels.

Anyone who opts for a KIWI camper invests in a vehicle for eternity. This is where mobile masterpieces are created that meet the highest standards of durability, comfort and aesthetics.

The dream of an individual camper

Individual expansion

Conception & Visualization

In the initial step, your KIWI van is designed with the utmost precision by our engineers. Each of your wishes will be carefully considered. With the help of our advanced CAD tools, an impressive and visual concept is created.

We will discuss your individual needs together in a consultation. We take the time to discuss all the options in detail and work with you to develop the requirements for your personal concept. We advise you with our expertise and try to tackle challenges with our creative mindset. The discussion not only forms the basis for a mature offer, but also for the future concept – the foundation stone for your individual expansion.

Based on the findings of the initial consultation, our engineers carry out comprehensive vehicle planning. Based on this, we will provide you with an initial quotation with a binding price commitment. These steps are already planned in great detail to ensure that nothing stands in the way of implementation. In further discussions, the offer will be further adapted to your needs – we strive for your complete satisfaction!

To help you imagine your new camper in the best possible way, we create initial 3D visualizations as part of the concept creation process. Our 3D renderings not only serve as the basis for the precise production of components, but also give you a fascinating first look at your future vehicle. This awakens the anticipation of realizing your vision.

Production of the interior

In our workshop, our experienced carpenters now create your individual furniture for the camper with dedication and precision. At the same time, all the necessary cladding parts for the interior and exterior are produced. We place the highest value on quality and lightweight construction.

In the meticulous planning of the living concept, we place particular focus on all details and functions. One example of this is our space-saving sleeping concept, which ensures maximum use of space thanks to a clever pull-out mechanism. Our aim is to create a well thought-out and functional living concept that meets your individual needs in every respect.

Our experienced carpenters now set the production of the individual applications and furniture in motion. We work with the utmost precision and leave no room for chance. Every detail is carefully implemented to ensure that your bespoke elements are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Quality is our top priority and we strive to bring your vision to life with perfection.

All pieces of furniture are finished with the utmost care to ensure outstanding quality. We use high-quality wood oils, not only to ensure longevity, but also to create a cozy atmosphere in your home on wheels with the unique scent of oiled wood.

Final assembly of the vehicle

In the final step, all parts are assembled, cables and electronic components are installed, the software for controlling the vehicle is configured and the camper is prepared for handover.

In our in-house assembly department, we now take over the precise installation of all individual parts in the interior and take care of the professional modification of the bodywork. Our craftsmanship not only ensures smooth integration of all components, but also professional adaptation to the individual requirements of your vehicle.

In the final step, our team ensures that not only every technical detail functions optimally, but also that your custom-built camper is in the best possible condition. From a thorough cleaning to a careful inspection of every detail, our aim is to provide you with a camper that is not only technically flawless, but also shines in terms of aesthetics and care. You can see this for yourself when you inspect the vehicle on site.

Innovative body adjustments


Hard to see, easy to find

Gas, water and electricity

Our 3D-printed service flaps enable an individual and unobtrusive design that blends in perfectly with the exterior bodywork. The closed design of the service flap and outer body has a particularly aerodynamic effect, which sets it apart from other commercially available products. They can also be locked with the factory-fitted central locking system.

No useless additional weight

Trimmed for lightweight construction

All our furniture is made from lisocore®. Compared to conventional materials, this makes it possible to reduce the weight of the extension by more than half.

lisocore® is a material-efficient high-performance material. This modern material achieves its outstanding properties thanks to its unique structure. This consists of at least two thin cover layers that are joined together by a three-dimensionally shaped core structure.

Optimized aerodynamics

Roof racks & photovoltaics

The roof rack is equipped with two 240 W solar panels as standard. The carrier can be extended and customized as required. For example, a roof box with integrated solar panel, a small roof terrace with ladder or a bicycle stand. The construction is aerodynamically designed according to your personal application requirements so that a perfect riding experience is maintained.

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